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Group Therapy

What is

group therapy?

Group Therapy gives therapists the opportunity to observe how kids relate to each another in a group setting. Children develop self-awareness and benefit emotionally as they support one another in shared experiences. It’s a safe space to explore and develop appropriate social skills.


Social Butterflies

Our Social group therapy focuses on helping your children learn how to play, interact and appropriately communicate with peers and adults. This group therapy is designed to help your child overcome the communication challenges that they may face at home, in school and in their community by connecting with peers in small groups to practice social communication skills.

Tumble n Talk

Did you know that Bright Start Therapies has the largest and most comprehensive sensory gym in all of Northern California?

Tumble n Talk sensory gym provide a secure space for children to play and grow at their own pace. Sensory gyms have been proven to help with fine motor skills, body awareness, increased social skills as well as to improve muscle strength, coordination, and balance. Sensory gyms help with developmental improvements, mostly because they are FUN! Our therapists help guide children through activities involving swings, obstacle courses, trampolines, therapy balls, tunnels, ball pits, climbing walls, and many more. These tools help children become more confident with sudden changes in their environment. In addition, language facilitation techniques are used to help children expand their language while bonding with peers, therefore building self-esteem.

Tumble n Talk gives children access to the tools they need for sensory regulation and social interaction while fostering independence, reducing meltdowns, and decreasing social stress by making children feel calmer and more focused.


Apraxia camp

Our summer apraxia camp is specifically designed for children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS), children with limited speech or severe speech challenges. This camp combines fun and creativity with motor speech skills. It is run by speech-language pathologists who have advanced training in CAS. It is a two hour per day camp, held four days per week, for a total of eight classes per session. We run two sessions each summer. Activities are created around a daily theme that include both group activities and breakout rooms of two children using a 1:1 child to adult ratio to focus on motor speech drills. Art, music, and books are incorporated into the daily fun! At the end of camp, each child will receive a report that includes their baseline levels and progress.

Creative Camp

Creative Camp is a hands-on learning adventure that incorporates speech facilitation techniques with fine motor skills and sensory exploration in a creative environment. Art can foster many areas of a child’s development including: boosting confidence and self-esteem, increasing fine motor skills, increasing coordination and motor planning, improving sensory integration dysfunction, facilitating peer bonding, and helping deal with emotions. Weekly themes are paired with creative crafts specially tailored for young kids with developmental disabilities.

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