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Teletherapy is another way for children to learn using modern technology in the comfort of their own home. With teletherapy, speech and occupational therapy sessions are conducted remotely via a computer with high-speed internet. Using a secure, HIPAA compliant live video chat, clients are able to participate in interactive therapy sessions, and parents are able to communicate privately with their child’s therapist. Our teletherapy speech and occupational therapy services provide the same evidence-based therapy that we provide in our clinics! If you’re interested in learning more about our teletherapy services, please contact our office today!

Why choose teletherapy?


It works!

Teletherapy maintains the same quality as in-person therapy with proven success on proposed goals. There are many studies that support the efficacy of teletherapy!


Kids love technology!

Kids today know and use a variety of electronics including computers, iPad, and cellphones. Naturally, children thrive when using technology and find teletherapy engaging.

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It’s convenient!

Teletherapy allows for more time at home with less travel to and from therapy sessions. Children learn in the comfort of their home environment.


Easy Access!

You can access services anywhere in the state of California! This works great for families you live in a remote area and do not have access to a therapist nearby.

Did you know?

How do I know if teletherapy is right for my child?

Most children thrive with teletherapy as long as the necessary supports and proper materials are used. Teletherapy is tailored to your child’s specific interests and has interactive components that make therapy engaging.

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Is your school district in need of services?

Bright Start Therapies is a California NPA and can offer teletherapy for speech and occupational therapy services for any school looking to provide teletherapy through a HIPAA-compliant platform in the state of California. We offer comprehensive speech and language evaluations, occupational therapy evaluations, on-going therapy services and consultation services for childhood apraxia of speech, all via tele-therapy. In addition, we offer great training seminars in a variety of topics via tele-therapy.

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