Five Strategies

Five Strategies to Use with Books

Reading plays such as important part in a child’s speech and language development – and we can start early on!   Your child may have figured out how to hold the book and turn the pages, but what now?  They don’t have the patience to sit through the whole story?  Maybe they want to read the same book every night?  Well, we are here to help with some ideas you can use today.  Here are five strategies you can try with your little one during the next book reading experience. 

Let Them Choose

Have your child choose the book that you will be reading.  They may want to read the same book five nights in a row, and that’s okay.  Often, the repetitions are comforting, help them learn new words, and develop better understandings of the concepts.  By allowing them to choose, we are also giving them autonomy and power during this activity.  If needed, we can help guide their choices by setting several books out on the floor for them to choose from.

Sit Face To Face With Your Child

Instead of the traditional positioning of sitting side-by-side with your child during book reading, have them sit in front of you!  This means that you are facing your child and have the book near your face or in front of your body.  This allows your child to see both – the book and your face as you say the words and sounds! 

You Don’t Have To “Read” The Book

It may feel like a natural thing to read the words printed on each page but try talking about the things you see instead.  You can label the objects you see, use animal sounds (raawr, baa, meow), fun sound effects (peep-peep, uh-oh, wow) and silly facial expressions.  These are bound to make book reading more entertaining and fun for your little one. 

Allow Them To Turn The Pages

By having your child turn the pages of the book, you are engaging them and giving them something to do during this activity.  You are also incorporating following directions by asking them to “turn the page”.  It’s even okay if they skip a few pages, after all, the pages are not what counts!

Wait For Them As you turn each page – wait.  By waiting a little, we are giving your child an opportunity to comment, label, or say something.  This allows them to take a turn and offer the input they may have.  You will be surprised what a little wait time can do!

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